Voice Modulation Program Voice Mode domestic official launch

‘Voice Mode’, a program that allows you to simply alter the voice without a sound mixer, has been released in Korea. In addition, the official Naver Café has been opened, and the new feature AI Voice Filter is also available for free beta.

Voice Mode is a voice modulation program that can be used directly for various software and programs without using a virtual sound card or a sound mixer. Many users have been using it in Korea, and have launched the official Naver Cafe Open and Korean Interface Support.


In the latest version, Voice Mode Reader AI Voice Filter has been updated free of charge. A total of seven types are available, including effects that realize natural human voices beyond gender and effects that reproduce the characters of SF.

Voice mode has more than 100 types of rich voice filters and customized voice modulation. It supports twitch extensions and interlocking apps that can be operated by smartphones, and can be used for zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Discord, Twitch, Steam Deck, and various PC online games. It is a sole execution program, which works regardless of the in-game anti-teaching program.

For more information about Voice Mode, visit the official Korea site or Naver Cafe.

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