Netmarble shoots a coffee truck to the user of Seven Knights Revolution

-Controlled 8 times from 24th to July 10th

-If you certify pre-registration, you can provide free ice americano per person

-Concertia on July 28th in Korea

Netmarble announced that it will hold a ‘coffee truck’ event for users waiting for the game ahead of the release of open world MMORPG Seven Knights Revolution.

The event will be held eight times in major areas in Seoul, Busan, and Gangwon from 24th to July 10th. Starting with the first event, the Seoul City Hall Square, the 25th will meet fans near Hongdae on the 25th. For three days from July 1, we visit Seomyeon, Haeundae, and Songjeong area in Busan, and the event will be held in Yangyang from July 9 to 10.

The event is scheduled to open from 11 am to 7 pm each time, and the exact point of each region can be found in the official forum.

Coffee truck events can be participated by any pre-registrant of Seven Knights Revolution.

Netmarble is currently registering a preliminary registration to present a three-star rachel hero, a 50,000 gold, five three-star experience cards, and a Grande Sid port costume through Google Play, Apple App Store, and official sites.

Seven Knights Revolution will be officially launched in Korea on July 28th to open world MMORPG where users transform into Seven Knights heroes through their avatars. In particular, through the media showcase on the 16th, the company is receiving high response by sharing detailed introductions and business strategies for the game.


Meanwhile, this event was held in return for users waiting for the launch of Seven Knights Revolution, and plans to continue the two-way communication in the future. Netmarble received a coffee truck from the Seven Knights users in April last year.

For more information on the Coffee Truck Event, visit the official forum at

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