How to have an enemy named Ursula in Bitlife

If you are trying to go through the test under water in Bitlife, you should have an enemy named Ursula. But receiving an enemy named Ursul seems quite confusing and obscure. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it may seem. You can use two methods to get an enemy named Ursula in Bitlife. First, have child and call them Ursula and the other-use God’s regime change the NPC name to Ursula.


How to use Godmode to change npc names

To use Godmode to change the name of the NPC to Ursula in Bitlife, you first need to purchase it. As soon as Godmode becomes the owner, you can click the NPC profile by moving into the Relation tab and clicking on any NPC listed. On the NPC profile tab, you can find the edit parameter. You can use the edit option to change the NPC name to Ursula.

How to give birth to a child and call him Ursula

To have a child, you must have unprotected sex as a female or male character. As soon as your child is born, you can call him Ursula.

How to make Ursulu an enemy in Bitlife

As soon as the NPC is called Ursula, you can make it your enemy, performing hostile actions against him. Actions such as insulting or spreading rumors will make Ursula hate you. Over time, if you make them hate you enough, they will ultimately become your enemies.

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