STG Ayakyo Shooting Library Vol.1 PS4 package version. Single download versions for PS4/Xbox One are also distributed sequentially

City Connection Co., Ltd. released the shooting game Ayakyo Shooting Library Vol.1 on June 30 as a package version. The compatible platform is PS4 and the price is 3980 yen (tax included). In addition, distribution for PS4/Xbox One, a single download version of Ayakyo Shooting Title, has also been launched.

Ayakyo SHOOTING LIBRARY VOL.1 is a work that summarizes the six shooting games of the game maker Ayakyo, which played an active part in the arcade scene of the 1990s. All titles support online ranking. In addition, various settings such as button configuration, difficulty level, number of remaining aircraft, and continuation times are also available. The recorded title is as follows.

** ・ Strikers 1945

・ Strikers 1945II
・ Strikers 1999
・ Saldie bid
・ Dragon Blaze
・ Zero Gunner 2 **

As the first purchase benefits of this work, Original Clear File Vol.1 (Size: A4) is provided for each store. Limited benefits for each store are also available. In addition, an Amazon limited edition that bundled with a character fine board, an Ebiten limited edition Famitsu DX pack that includes an original T-shirt and a 6-acrylic magnet set, has also been released.

And the download version has also started. For PS4, Strikers 1945, Soldivide and Dragon Blaze are distributed. Strikers 1945 and Soldivide have been released for Xbox One. The price is 990 yen each (tax included). PS4/Xbox One will continue to distribute Ayakyo Shooting titles in the future.

The second package version for PS4, Ayakyo Shooting Library Vol.2 has already been announced, and this will be released on July 28. The following 6 titles are included.

・ Sengoku Ace
・ Sengoku blade
・ Sengoku Cannon
・ Gambird
・ Gambad 2
・ Gambarich

Ayakyo SHOOTING LIBRARY VOL.2 is currently accepting reservations at each store. This is also available for reservations, first purchase benefits and store benefits. Check the official website for details.

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