Unity, MS, Nexon, On Face Games, Indie Craft Sponsorship

The Indie Craft Operation Secretariat introduced the 2022 indie craft online virtual game show sponsor, which will be operated until August.


First, Unity will select at least two companies through this year’s indie craft event to support development and publishing services for console porting. From May 9th to 13th, the Unity Wave 2022, which shares professional technologies and know-how for domestic producers, was held for free. Kim In-sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, Unity has introduced various developer support programs to provide practical help to domestic creators. I will use it.

Microsoft has been sponsored for three consecutive years, and Nexon will sponsor Indie Craft for four consecutive years, and on-face games, who are preparing to enter the global market through the NASDAQ bypass listing, also participate as IndieCraft sponsors. Kim Min-seok, CEO of On Face Games, said, We are honored to be able to support 2022 indie craft through the Mobile Game Association. Along with the excavation of the indie game, I have a willingness to invest directly.

The IndieCraft Operation Secretariat said, Supporting Korea’s small and medium-sized indie game developers is the most important for the Korean game industry. We will try to prepare more support for small and medium-sized indie game developers through sponsorship.

Meanwhile, the Indie Craft Operation Secretariat will extend the virtual game show operation by the Gamescom 2022 on August 29. In addition, during the Gamescom 2022 period, the local IndieCraft joint hall will be held, and the meta bus virtual game show will be promoted to European indie game users and game industry officials.

Virtual game shows can be accessed from the Dito Land website. For other inquiries, contact the IndieCraft Operational Office ([email protected]) or Indie Craft Discord.

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