A MOD that can go up and down the ladder in Skyrim appears full. After about 11 years, overcome the ladder, but part

EVERGLAID, an overseas mod creator, said on July 2, the MOD EVG Animated Traversal, which adds a variety of animations such as going up a ladder to the open world RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . Was distributed. GamesRadar + introduces.

Skyrim is an open world action RPG released by Bethesda Softworks in 2011. It has been loved to be 11 years since its release, and MOD production is also a thriving work. There are plenty of towns and dungeons, and various actions are possible. However, surprisingly, this work does not have animation going up and down the ladder. Therefore, the ladder placed in the town was only decorated. There were only a few ladders that work like teleport points, but the characters could not actually be used. However, about 11 years after the release, a MOD has finally appeared to enable ladder up and down.

That is EVG Animated Traversal. The MOD is a mod that adds various animations to the Skyrim world. Athletic elements, such as overcoming steps and going through the gaps, are introduced. Above all, the highlight of this MOD is the addition of the ladder up and down animation.

This MOD enables a variety of actions by adding its own animation and a mechanism called Animation Prompt Markers. By adding a marker to an object such as a ladder, it is a mechanism that offers an input to the player that it is possible to increase the rise and descending, and accept the input. It is not a free action anywhere, but a mod that sets an action in a specified location in advance.

Only the dungeon, which is added in this mod, is added to the functional test. It does not allow you to move on a ladder in all towns. In order to implement such an element, it seems that it is necessary to set the start and end points of the character operation individually. For this reason, he says that he does not want to do it (I’m not willing to do this). In addition, the ladder in the game is just a decoration, and there are few things that are connected to some scaffolding. In other words, it takes a huge amount of time for the ladder to go up, and there are many places where there is nothing to go up in the first place.

On the other hand, other mod creators are starting to use this mod for their own mods. For example, there is a MOD Maleficus’ Traversal that can climb on the walls and roofs of existing towns. By introducing this MOD, an interactable point in towns such as White Run and Liften has appeared, and it is a mechanism that allows you to climb the roof from there. It seems to be used as a shortcut or a secretly convenient route. In the video below, this MOD allows you to check the shortcut on the long road at the entrance of the white run in no time.

In addition, Cities of the North Falkreath, a mod that adds towns that are not in the main game, offers an optional file to use EVG Animated Traversal. By introducing this, you can use a ladder placed in the town. From the video below, you can check the beautiful streets using a ladder. Objects are also placed on the attic of a barn that can be reached by ladder and is built.

EVG ANIMATED TRAVERSAL that allows you to take out various actions with Skyrim. With the introduction of a variety of actions, you will be able to express even more unique dungeons and streets. I would like to look forward to further derivative works that will be produced in the future.

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