Skyrim multiplayer MOD Skyrim Together Reborn will be officially released on July 9th. Most twists and turns MODs are fully open source

The THE TOGETHER TEAM, a MOD production team, will release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim) Multiplayer MOD Skyrim Together REBORN on July 9, Japan time. He announced. The distribution platform is Nexus Mods. The MOD is expected to be completely opened in the future.

Skyrim Together REBORN is a volunteer MOD that enables online multiplayer in the ARPG Skyrim for one player. Despite the huge content, you can enjoy an adventure in Skyrim, which you could only enjoy solo, with friends. Skyrim Together, the predecessor of the MOD, has been developed immediately after the release of Skyrim in 2011. It has been developed for many years, and has become a high expectation of fans. Many people are looking forward to the official release.

On the other hand, there were many twists and turns on the road to the release of the MOD. First of all, in 2019, the problem was that the script expansion tool SKSE had diverted codes that should not be used. The reconstruction has been promoted to a mechanism that does not rely on the code of the tool. In the same year, a major developer posted a comment that suggests the cancellation of the development on the overseas bulletin board Reddit. There was a statement that could be received as a community criticism, and some acts called fans rebound and criticism of the developers (related articles). It was also a problem that the development team had received a large amount of donations through the creator support site Patreon (currently suspended). These events had a situation in which the completion of the MOD was in danger.

However, the MOD resolved the code-related problem and started again as Skyrim Together Reborn. The team had continued steady development. In 2020, the main developer, YAMASHI, announced the project. He has announced the GPLV3 license for the MOD. GPLV3 is a license that is often used by open source software (OSS).

On the other hand, the development team did not always disclose the source code. The license was for open source, but the essential source was private. The THE TOGETHER TEAM explains that the MOD server software has caused unauthorized plagiarism and struggling to deal with it. In addition, many contributors (contributors) are proposed to change code. Checking such proposals one by one is also a considerable effort. Therefore, the team continued to develop while keeping the MOD source private.

After that, Skyrim Together Reborn was finally the official release. Full open source is also announced. The whole source code of the MOD will be shared again.

The Together Team is also developing Fallout Together, which multiply Fallout 4. This seems to be that only DRAGONISSER, one of the teams, is engaged in development. With the full open source of Skyrim Together Reborn, ordinary contributions can also be involved in Fallout Together. DRAGONISSER said in this announcement posted on Reddit, hoping that these contributors will help the development of both mods.

Skyrim Together REBORN has been developed for a long time and finally has the official release of version 1.0. However, it is extremely difficult to make a game for one player in multiplayer, and technical issues will continue to appear in the future. With open source and cooperation with the community, the MOD will continue to develop.

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