All RHAPSODY abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

APEX Legends Mobile gets another legend exclusive for mobile devices called RHAPSODY. After the forehead arrived, the fans were looking forward to which legend would join the APEX games, and, to universal surprise, Ropsodia appeared with their harmonic abilities. The developers released a video trailer, and keen fans quickly noticed all the smallest details rotating around the DJ RHAPSODY. Although its abilities are still a mystery, data miners and community experts suggested how Rapsodia could look like.

What abilities do Ropsodia have in Apex Legends Mobile?

Respawn and EA have not yet revealed the official abilities of Rhapsody, but the trailer gave us a clear idea that its abilities will be done in the game. The popular miner of these leaks on the APEXM duty involves a set of abilities for the character, which are as follows:

Passive ability *: It is supposed to increase sound signals by visualizing sound effects.
Tactical ability : Presumably, to give a slight increase in speed to players in a small radius, with a characteristic luminous purple tint.
Absolute ability : it was supposed to create a one-sided mirror dome, which obscures the enemy’s overview and interrupts the incoming sound.

At the time of writing, all the abilities mentioned above are largely based on assumptions, and we will update this section when the abilities of Rapsodia are officially disclosed. FADE was the first exclusive for the Legend mobile devices released in APEX Legends Mobile, and now DJ RHAPSODY enhances competition.

Trailer Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody

Fans can find the official Distortion trial on the official APEX LEGENDS MOBILE channel on YouTube. Although the trailer shows the fans all the abilities that Rhapsody will have in the game, it will be interesting to see how it will affect the meter and violate harmony with its methodical dissonance.


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