Elon Musk wants to stop buying Twitter, but the social network is against

The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, no longer wants to become the owner of the social network Twitter, for which he must pay $ 43.4 billion. Elon’s lawyers sent a letter to Twitter lawyers expressing dissatisfaction with recent financial results. We are talking about the fact that Musk should buy all the shares at $54.2, but their price is now only $36.8 apiece.

The main reason why Musk intends to abandon the acquisition is the number of fake and spam accounts on the social network. Elon’s side claims that Twitter failed to provide the promised data in June, but said it was deleting a million spam accounts a day. The company also does not plan to abandon the deal with Elon and intends to force him to buy himself through the courts.

How this story will end up will be known in the future, but it would be interesting to look at what Twitter can turn into under the leadership of Elon if he really makes it a social network with complete freedom of speech.

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