What is the date of the attack on road 96?

Throughout your journey in Road 96, you will encounter various situations and puzzles that can affect the outcome of the game. If you stumble upon Stan and Mitch’s hideout, you will be captured and all your money taken. In order to get your money back, you must help them find out when the attack on Sonya is planned.

Stan and Mitch will let you read the letters and listen to the audio to find out the date of the attack, but it can still be confusing, especially since you only have three tries. Date of attack on road 96-September 9th..

How to find a date in Road 96

You can find out the date by reading the suspect’s letter, which states that he will attack exactly two years after his daughter’s death. You can also see from the letters and audio recordings that his daughter died during the attack on the Black Bridge on September 9th. The evidence is misleading as some letters mention that the attacker wanted to act on his daughter’s birthday, however one piece of evidence confirms that the attacker changed his mind to attack on the anniversary of her death instead.

If you fail to guess the date in three attempts, Stan and Mitch will not refund your money, and neither you nor the brothers will know the date. If you guess right, your money will be returned and you will know the date of the attack. To stop the killer, you must find out who the killer is, when the attack will take place, where the attack will take place. This is done by successfully completing all Stan and Mitch episodes.

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