K-zombie action Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family Gameplay with God!

Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’, which became very popular as a Joseon zombie along with God. Action Square has revealed the gameplay of ‘Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family’ using this.

The gameplay video, released on the 12th, depicts the clothes, weapons, and buildings of the Joseon Dynasty in accordance with the contemporary times just like the TV series Kingdom.

In particular, the video contains a variety of actions, such as cutting off the head of a zombie attacking the main character at once, a series of sharp attacks, sometimes inserting heavy and restrained attacks, and attack motions mixed with kicks. In addition to the attack, it shows great progress in the shooting motion, like a human who destroys a wooden shield and throws it away, a zombie attack that bites the main character’s neck in an instant, and splattered blood.

Kingdom, which was released through Netflix in 2019, is a TV series that expanded the content of ‘God’s Country’, a cartoon written by Kim Eun-hee and illustrated by Yang Kyung-il. In particular, the work properly mixes political thriller elements with a zombie drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. Accordingly, following the movie ‘Train to Busan’, it was praised as a success in Korean zombie media, and season 1 recorded a freshness index of 95% and season 2 of 100%, drawing a huge box office hit worldwide.


On the other hand, the game Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family developed by Action Square after signing an IP contract with A-Story, the producer of Kingdom, was first shown to fans with the release of the first teaser in 2021. The development team plans to produce high-quality 3D graphics using the Unreal Engine by creating an action RPG based on manual control for games produced on PC and mobile cross-platform. A detailed release date for Kingdom: Blood of the Royal Family was not revealed today.

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