Skyrim: Guards for quests In difficult times

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim contains a huge world full of adventure, monsters and prey. Many of them are combined in various quests that make up the name, including the quest in difficult times. You can find the guide to execute the quest in difficult times below.

How to complete in my time in Skyrim

Most likely, you will receive this quest immediately after entering Weiteran. This quest consists of several steps and several different results, depending on how you deal with it. Here is a step-by-step guide to the completion of In My Time of Need in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Talk to Alik warriors

You must meet a couple of redgard hunters at the entrance to Weitran, but you can also find them patrolling outside the city. They will ask the player to help find the Redgard woman who, they say, disappeared.

Find Saadia, Woman-Vodgard

The woman-Taggard is the name of Saadiya, and she is in the prankster mare in Vaittrane. Having talked with her, you have the opportunity to inform her of the hunters who are looking for her. Then she will ask you to go upstairs and talk in private.

Talk to Saadia

You can go upstairs and listen to what she will say, or you can immediately turn her over. If you decide to reveal its whereabouts to the bustle hunters, you can fulfill the quest and get your award. Otherwise, you can listen to her and find out why she is running.

Vodgard warriors are actually murderers sent to kill her for speaking in Hammerfell. If you offer her help, she will tell you that the couple works for a bustle of a head named Kematu, and ask you to kill him.

Pass it to the soldiers Alik’r.

If you do not decide to help Saadi, you can return to the Redgard warriors. The couple Alik’r will ask you to lure her in the stable of Weitrane. This will lead to her capture and, ultimately, to her death.


Find a bonder to Kemata.

If you have not turned to Saadia, you must find a kemat. Go to the Dragon Line dungeon in Weitral and talk with the prisoner Alik’r. If you agree to help the prisoner by paying 100 gold, he will tell you that Kematu can be found in the scam of scammers. If you have already passed this dungeon, you do not need to take this step.

kill Kematu or help him

Stir the lap of scammers and fight with a bonder of the head of Kemat. You can listen to Kematu, who explains that Saadia is a traitor and should appear before the court of Hammerfell. If you refuse, you will need to fight the kemat and some other enemies. If you changed your mind, you can once again reveal the whereabouts of Saadia and lure it into a trap.

Return to Saadia

If you did not betray Saadia, you just need to return to her to Whitran and inform her that Kematu will no longer bother her. For this you will receive a reward, and two other Alik’r head hunters will eventually refuse to search.

Help or pass Saadia in Skyrim

In the end, it does not matter whether you will help Saadi or give it to soldiers-guts-in any case, you will receive 500 gold. It depends on the type of character you play. Will your character Saadia save or simply give it to the hunters?

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