Red Dead Redemption Fans Begin Funeral-Celebrating 1st Anniversary from Large-scale Appde

At Red Dead Online , the fan site Red Dead News held a funeral event for this work.

July 13th, last year, was the day when the large-scale update Blood-dyed Gold was released for Red Dead Online. Red Dead News has announced that it will hold a funeral event on July 13, 2022 local time, which is the first anniversary of the update distribution, saying that this work has been abandoned since then.

And after the event, Roger Clark, who played Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as the users who participated in the site, said, I’m still sympathetic to the situation in the community today. The community is immortal.

In addition, this fan event was announced on July 5, but on the 7th, two days after that, Rockstar Games announced that it is considering changing the support system of this work. In 2022, instead of major theme content update, the company will strengthen and maintain the environment in order to secure development resources for the next work of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. And reports that they are planning to add based on the existing mode.

Red Dead News tweeted about the matter, at least it seems to have reminded me of the existence of’Red Dead Redemption (online)’, but the announcement of the next GTA development was also in February., I should have been able to announce it earlier, he criticized.

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