The flagship AMD RDNA 3 on Navi 31 will receive both Infinity Cache and a wide memory bus 384 bits

The Kepler_L2 insider reported a little new details about the flagship of the upcoming AMD Radeon line on the RDNA 3. If it is not mistaken that the NAVI 31 chips can receive up to 384 megabytes of the Infinity cache, which will use the technology of three-dimensional vertical packaging.

It is worth noting that insiders indicate the use of a 384-bit memory bus in the flagship decision of the coming line. It is reported that the GDDR6 memory chips, not GDDR6x, will be used, but it is still unknown which ones. Judging by today’s announcement of Samsung, we have a chance to see 24 gigabit memory chips in these video cards. In this case, the total throughput can be more than 1.1 terabytes per second, which will additionally accelerate the massive 384-megabyte cache.

The release of the AMD Radeon RX 7000 video cards is expected in the fall of this year, but we do not have more accurate information yet.

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