7 ways to build a beach house in Minecraft

The beach is an ideal place for home both in Minecraft and in the real world. But inventing unique ideas to escape to the beach can sometimes focus you. So, we have listed seven ways to build a beach house in Minecraft to inspire you.

beach house in American style

Based on the style of Beach House, which you will find along and across the east coast of the United States, this beach house is modeled on the model of a wooden house in Florida-Kis. Using deformed boards, you can add the color of the structure. And if you want to build a whole area from these houses, you can use different wood species to create a variety!

Modern beach house in the jungle

The use of materials that you can easily find in the biomes of the jungle means that this modern, but stylish building fits into the surrounding landscape. Mixing the use of jungle and acacia wood, you can make the part of the house you want to highlight good. The inclusion of texture in the assembly also makes it more interesting.

Iland Hat Beach House

Why go to something difficult when you can experience this simple design of the beach house. The use of lighter wood and straw for the roof will give the impression that you built a garbage house. And from the new mangrove root blocks, excellent impromptu windows from sticks are obtained.

Modern modern beach house

Despite the fact that Minecraft has a slightly medieval shade compared to the usual design, you can build a really attractive modern house if you show a creative approach to blocks. Mixing various woods, using concrete and quartz blocks, you can create something that looks like it is a beach vacation for a millionaire!

Beach House in the Mediterranean Resort Style

Why just build a house when you can build a whole resort? Complete disclosure, we were a little carried away when creating this project, so it looks more like a small village than one house. Building right on the shore and using sand and sandstone in combination with a tree, you can create a really amazing place that looks like it was torn right from the Mediterranean Sea.

industrial beach complex

Sometimes simple lines, industrial scale and practicality are needed. This beach house was built to launch expeditions in the depths and raids on underwater temples. This is a base and a beach house, so a simple white concrete frame makes exactly what you need.

Classic beach hut

Why complex? Simplicity has its own charm, especially in minecraft. The hut is built on several fences so that it stood and holds a tide from it. In fact, this design is no different from an ordinary house that you would build on the first night in Survival. But with the addition of several details, it looks like part in the middle of a stretched beach.


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