Elon Musk: Steam will appear in Tesla cars in August

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk, said that the Steam Game Shop will soon appear in Tesla electric vehicles with an updated multimedia system. Elon states that the release of this innovation may take place in August of this year, which means that car owners with a multimedia system based on iron AMD will soon be able to launch their favorite games in Tesla.

Recall that the Tesla multimedia system in new cars is built on APU AMD Ryzen with built-in graphics on the Navi 23 chip and provides computing power of 10 teraflops. For games with this multimedia system in a car, you can use almost any Bluetooth-gamepad or the steering wheel and pedals of the car itself (in the case of Tesla Arcade).

At the moment, the AMD multimedia is installed only in the new Tesla 2022 year-old cars.

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