SF base Construction Survival ARPG Lift Breaker A new story expanded DLC Metal Terror released & Large Free Apde distribution distribution

Poland’s Indie Belopper EXOR STUDIOS distributes a large-scale free update to the action adventure RPG The Riftbreaker on July 19 and released an expanded download content Metal Terror . And the trailer was released.

New elements Many large updates are free

At the same time as the distribution of the paid story DLC, various new elements, Metallic Valley, are added for free. In the new scenario of survival mode, a new resource unique to biome Morphium, a new architecture Morphium Power Plant using it, as well as LIQUID COMPRESSSOR/DECOMPRESSOR, ENERGY WALL Defense facility Morphium Tower Morphium Tower Morphium Tower Is appeared.

Using new weapons Lightning Gun, Heavy Plasma Cannon, Laser Sword, Chainsaw, you can enjoy fighting newly fighting enemies such as WINGMITE, Bradron, OCTABIT, and Flurian. increase.

In addition, many other QOL improvement and correction are implemented. For more information, please check Steam news.

Paid DLC METAL TERROR with a new story

In this DLC, it was discovered that there was a pioneer in the Galatea 37, which is the stage of the main story, actually ahead of the protagonists. The mystery hidden for thousands of years has been revealed in the new biome Metallic Valley added free of charge as described above. The play time is about a few hours, and at the time of the introduction, it is integrated with the main part campaign. The METAL TERROR campaign will be opened with a certain play progress. If the campaign of the main part has already ended, it is possible to play immediately.

Newly developed roadmap including ## CO-OP will be released soon

The development of this work will continue to be released, and a new roadmap will be released with a development plan for the next few months within a few days. It is said that it includes CO-OP and the following extensions that have been revealed for some time.

The DLC Metal Terror of The Riftbreaker, which is also looking forward to future developments, is being distributed on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Gog.com/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S. It costs 999 yen for Steam and 1,150 yen for Microsoft Store. Other than Microsoft Store, a 3 discount sale of the main part in conjunction with the DLC release is being implemented. The main part is currently supporting Xbox / PC Game Pass. It is expected that Marvelous will be announced and sold later for the domestic PS5 version that is on sale.

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