The hero is a gecko! ? MGS -style 3D stealth ACT CoverT CRITTER Free distribution started

Indie Belopper Sodaraptor has launched a stealth action CoverT CRITTER for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) jointly developed with Normalhumansixx on

This is a 3D stealth action game produced as a love letter to Metal Gear Solid. Players infiltrate the research facilities occupied by terrorists as the gecko hero KOSS.

At the time of the article release, 8 stages are implemented, and you can learn basic operations on the first stage. Although the main system is the same as the original Metal Gear Solid, it seems to be a gecko such as camouflage ability that sticks on a wall in addition to items such as boombox and banana skin. An element is prepared.


In addition, this work is submitted to the game-making event SUMMER SLOW JAMS JAMS JAMS JAMS JAMS JAMS JULY 2022, which is the main theme of this year, and this year, which is the main theme of this year, 12 days based on 12 days. It is said to have been developed.

CoverT CRITTER is being distributed free of charge on ITCH.IO for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux).

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