How to unlock the achievement of buried alive in As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls, players will face numerous elections, the solutions of which will change the course of the storyline. Each choice you have made will significantly affect the life of all the characters in the game. In the end, making decisions, you unlock various achievements, and one of them includes the achievement of the buried alive. This is how players can unlock this achievement in As Dusk Falls.

How to get an achievement buried alive at As Dusk Falls

To get buried alive achievement, the players will have to successfully bury the stranger alive when the bear asks. Players will face this situation at the beginning of the chapter 3. drove the bear into the forest checkpoint. When Jay finds out that the stranger is alive, he immediately was taken aback. The bear asks him to bury the stranger in any case, and it is here that the players will encounter the intersection with three dialogue options: obey, refuse and beg. Choose an obedience option to bury a stranger and unlock the achievement of the buried alive.


How to get an achievement of resurrection at As Dusk Falls

As an alternative, players choose to abandon the option will lead to salvation of a stranger . It will also lead to a battle with the bear, but the stranger’s salvation opens resurrection achievement in AS Dusk Falls. The game has several similar achievements that are rewarded when players choose opposite options from dialogue options. You can also save various characters, making important decisions at the intersection.

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