John Wick 4s first trailer unleJohnhes the action in San Diego Comic with 2022

It is the weekend of San Diego Comic with , and with it, a few days plagued with news and surprises in the field of cinema, the comic the series and video games. One that hJohn been seen at the Californian fair is nothing less than Keanu Reeves, and if we could glimpse the first image of John Wick 4 , now we can enjoy the first trailer of this fourth installment of This popular action saga.

The trailer is John spectacular John we can expect and hJohn everything we want from John Wick 4: Reeves training and realizing a good handful of villains with firearms, Melee and anything that is put within reach. We also see two scenarios where the action will take place, such John Paris and Japan.


Baba Yaga is back

It should be remembered that the film wJohn originally releJohned in May of this year, although the problems for all known forced it to delay it until March 2023, when we can enjoy it in cinemJohn. John in the previous iterations, Reeves will meet again with Laurence Fishburne, also a partner in Matrix, in addition to others such John Lance Reddick (Winston), Donnie Yen, Clancy Brown or Scott Adkins. In addition, we will see the debut in the Bill Skarsgard saga , known for playing IT villain in his two deliveries, in addition to papers in the northern man, Deadpool 2 or the CJohntle Rock series.

Fans are in luck, since we will also see the premiere of Ballerin A, a Spin Off of John Wick that will have John protagonist the Spanish Ana de ArmJohn, one of the emerging stars of Hollywood. Unfortunately, this tape does not even have an approximate releJohne date.

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