Steam decks released in Korea, can be picked up this year.

Steam decks are finally released in Korea. It is more acclaimed because it is a sudden news. There were not a lot of users who wanted Steam Deck even before the launch, but there were often people who received delivery from abroad with as little as 200,000 won, as much as 200,000 won and as much as 1 million won. It is easy to purchase as a result.

As it is officially released in Korea, people who have not been interested in steam decks are also paying much attention. Various questions are soaring, such as whether the shipments and delivery problems have been solved and Korean is completely supported. In order to get a clear answer, Game Mecca talked with the people who participated in the development of Steam Deck at the Valve headquarters in Seattle, USA. The people who participated in the interview were engineer Yazan Aldhehayat, designer Jake Rodkin, and Lawrence Yang, who participated in the project since the beginning of the development of Steam Deck.

Q. What did you care most while making Steam Deck?

Yeon Aldheyat (hereinafter referred to as Yeon): I wanted to make it easy for a long time. I hoped that fever and noise could have a great performance without having a big impact on play. In addition, I wanted to make it as comfortable as I watched the screen for a long time or touching the device.

Lawrence Miss (hereinafter referred to as Lawrence): It was our final goal to make all the games in Steam.

Jake Roadkin (hereinafter referred to as Jake): UI was first organized so that you can enjoy the games you enjoyed on your PC or bigger screens in your hands.

Q. I enjoyed the steam deck in advance, and I felt better than I thought. In the case of Devil May Cry 5, it worked much softer than when it was used at the time of launch. Do you know what you tried to implement this performance?

There are two things: . First, it is a custom processor produced with AMD. The CPU was produced separately in line with Steam Deck’s power and game. Second is OS. For seven years, I have been studying for the OS for seven years. I wanted to get rid of the unnecessary parts from the existing steam and to move naturally in the Linux operating system. As a result, I invested a lot of effort and time to make these two properly.

Q. Aside from this, the phrases such as ‘Grandmother’s House’ and ‘in Daesang-ri’, which were written on the packaging, were very impressive. In particular, I think the phrase in my grandmother’s house will be sympathized with many people, is it an idea from a Korean employee in the valve?

Lawrence: A person who knows the culture of each country in the valve and made a language that suits it. In the case of Korean, Korean employees used their own experiences.

Q. Perfect compatrible games literally worked perfectly. What is the process and standard of this perfect compatibility game, and what do you need to go through for compatibility?

Lawrence: Thank you for telling me. Compatibility tests are directly conducted by valve staff. There are a lot of lists on what to test, and check them one by 1. For example, check the game, as well as the size, readability, and language. It can be a perfect compatible game only by passing through a very long list.

Q. Overall, I was satisfied, but I had a lot of difficulties in playing non-repair games. I wonder if the compatibility work is done directly on the valve, or if the developer or distributor is doing it.

Lawrence: Testing as well as compatibility after launch is basically on the valve. However, the game developers think better. This is because they can know what parts should be fixed by doing their work. As a result, developers of each country have given all the steam deck development kits. To test direct compatibility. The Steam Deck was also given to the developer. Because you can test.

Jake: If the valve is not solved during the compatibility work, the solution may be found through communication with the developer. In addition, the developer tests compatibility and asks us directly when there is a problem. At that time, we tell us how to solve the problem.

Yeon: In the case of no compatibility, we are trying to tell them as soon as possible. I would like to tell you what kind of game you buy, whether you can play on the Steam Deck.

Q. If you are an unpopular game or old games, I wonder if the difficulty of compatibility will increase.

Lawrence: Not necessarily. Regardless of the schedule of the game, more games are compatible with Steam Deck than expected. In addition, games that support only playable levels can be easily reached to the level that supports perfect compatibility through communication with developers.

Jake: However, if you do not have one thing in the process of testing compatibility, it is not complete compatibility. In particular, in some games, single play is smooth, but if it is impossible to play online, it may be an unpaid game. In addition, there are many reasons why it is a sea tales support game.

Lawrence: A problem in recent games that have become a problem in compatibility is to make the antique program back in the Linux system. In this case, it takes some time to fix it through communication with the developers. Simply problems with video or sound in the game are fixed on our side.

** Q. Naturally, increasing the steam deck compatibility game seems to have had a big impact on Steam Deck’s continuous sales and popularity.

Lawrence: We always want feedback from consumers and want to support many games. In fact, the development team continues to work with various feedback in mind. In the case of a game where the service is interrupted, the valve side will do everything. However, the priority of compatibility work is first caught in the latest games. Anyway, our goal is to review all the games on Steam.

Jake: There is actually a personal anecdote. There is a game company that I worked between 2006 and 2007, and the company closed in 2018. By the way, I played the games that I released by the company at Steam Deck at the time, and game play was possible without any problems. It was very nice and surprised by the compatibility of Steam Deck.

Q. For many reasons, there are a lot of users who are already looking forward to the second generation. When can you expect upgrade devices or next generation products?

Yeon: It is not yet clear, but I think of the next generation that can provide a better experience through various software updates and hardware increase.

Q. What is the current amount of shipments and shipping issues of Steam Deck?

Lawrence: Almost all solved. Since pre-sale, the company has a system that can be delivered as much as possible as much as possible before the pre-sale. Pre-sale will be opened from August 4th, and gamers in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, who booked at this time, can receive devices unconditionally this year.

Q. The Steam Deck will be released in Korea. How much do you expect?

Lawrence: I expect it to be very popular.

John: I think that the response to Steam Deck is good because the PC game is popular. In particular, Korean users will be able to fit well because there are many users who love Steam. I also look forward to that much feedback.

Q. Lastly, please say a word to Korean fans waiting for the release of Steam Deck.


Yeon: I am very excited and happy. It would be nice if gamers would accept the release of Steam Deck like us.

Jake: I want to know what kind of game Korean gamers who have a lot of steam games will play through Steam Deck. So far, I’ve seen a lot of people who enjoyed games that I didn’t originally play on my PC, but I wonder what Korean users are like.

Ron: I’m so happy, and I wonder how conveniently you can enjoy the game on your PC. Personally, gamers, who were not steam users, are looking forward to becoming a steam user through this steam deck and rather enjoying PC games. In fact, many of these cases are reported abroad.

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