REAL VR FISHING, a VR exclusive REAL VR FISHING that allows you to enjoy fishing in a reality, JAPAN DLC Part 1 released on August 19th

Korea’s Indie Belopper DEVS UNITED GAMES has released a new download content JAPAN DLC Part 1 of the VR exclusive sport Real VR FISHING and has released a trailer.

This game is a single and online multiplayer that can be enjoyed on a real stage based on the real landscape.

Paid DLC to add multiple Japanese stages and large amounts of fish species

This time, Japan DLC Part 1, which is set in Japan as a new download content, has been announced.

According to developers by overseas media UploadVR, 58 kinds of fish will be added in addition to 10 stages in Japan. This DLC is followed by the US West DLC, which was released in December 2021 for Meta Quest in December 2021 and a paid US WEST DLC containing new fish species. JAPAN DLC Part 1 is likely to be developed from the title. The release date is scheduled for 2:00 am on August 19, Japan time.

A special fishing rods and reels are available for pre-registration

Currently, we are accepting pre-registration on this official website where you can get a special fishing rod and reel with a cherry blossom design with the theme of Japan.

The main part of Real VR FISHING, which has a function that allows you to see YouTube etc. in the game during fishing, is distributed for 2,208 yen for Meta Quest / Rift. Compatible with cross-by. The DLC correspondence is currently only the QUEST version.

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